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She's white (BG)
She's white as a fallen snow
She's white as a dark night
She's white as Sakura in the spring
She's merciful, but can't help
She's white as Siberian chalk
She's white as an untouched sheet
I gave away you all that I had
Now I'm black as a chimney sweep
With no name like a sword of a blacksmith
She's unprecedented without embellishment
Without beginning and without end
She's former here before of all of us
I looked for you, couldn't understand how;
Wrote to you, but there were not words;
I was blind, but I see your sign
My finger on the trigger, I'm always ready.
Half is – nightingale ravine
Half is – reddens east
You know herself – from me nothing to take
But all what is – at your feet
I woke up after a long sleep
Unshaven, with no name, quite nobody's
My blood says that soon spring
May be in one of these nights.

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